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I was in the hospital. I had undergone my 2nd surgery in 6 days. My liver and kidneys had been failing, I had experienced congestive heart failure and battled a fever that fluctuated as high as 108 degrees. I had been in a great deal of post operative pain having spent 17 days on a breathing machine because I couldn’t breathe on my own yet and was prescribed to undergo physical therapy a couple of times a day. I was tired. My husband saw me daily, sometimes multiple times a day but my children only came a couple of times a week. At the ages of 10, 12, and 18 it was hard on them. Each of them had their worries. Every time they’d come to see me I did my best to have a brave smile. But they knew by the sound of my quiet struggling voice that I just wasn’t the same mom that left the house with the paramedics a few weeks ago.
On about day 23 of my 27 day hospital stay, I was feeling pretty good. I’d had a successful physical therapy visit, I’d eaten a good breakfast and even had energy to wash my face! Sitting up in bed and feeling triumphant for the day, I looked up to see my husband ushering in our little flock of ducklings. As they came across the room I greeted them with a smile and said in a not-so-quiet voice,”Hey! I’m happy to see you!”

With out missing a beat, my son raced past his dad, flung open his arms and exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting to hear that voice!”

He wrapped his arms around my neck and in that instant, my heart melted. It hadn’t occurred to me that all this time, my children were waiting to hear my voice. The voice that they knew. The voice that reassured them that everything was going to be OK.
I can’t ever tell that story without tears. The one thing my son wanted to hear was his mother’s voice. It breaks my heart.

When I think about it… that’s kind of how I feel about God. I can’t wait to hear His voice! Not that I’ve never been led by God to do this or that. But to audibly HEAR his voice. It brings a smile to my face to think about it.

We can read in scripture about the voice of God. In 1st Kings 19:12 God’s voice was not in a fire, an earthquake or in the wind but it was a “still, small voice” that Elijah heard. In Job 40:6 God’s voice was heard out of a whirlwind. Then in verse 9 God’s voice is described as Thunderous. But we don’t know the SOUND of His voice. What sort of accent does he speak with? What does His voice inflection sound like? In John 10:4 we learn that if we are His sheep, we will know His voice so I suppose, someday when I hear it I will know it’s Him. Even when Christ returns we will hear the shout of an Archangel and we will hear the trumpet of God but not His voice.

So what does the voice of God sound like? I don’t know the answer. But here’s what I do know; I imagine coming into his presence and I look toward Him, when he turns His face and looks my way, maybe he says “I’m happy to see you.” and whether we spend our eternity singing “Holy, Holy, Holy!” or doing something else but the first thing that I will want to do is just like my son did. Maybe I will race toward Him and fling open my arms and exclaim, “I’ve been waiting to hear that voice!”

Are you waiting to hear God’s voice?