Ever had a bad day? You know, one of those days when, if it can go wrong, it will. Have you ever been vindicated? When you fought or debated for something you knew to be right but seemed to be shot down. Then in the end, what you said or the point you were trying to make was proven to be true or correct?
How about winning? Have you ever won a game of basketball, air hockey, Monopoly?
Think about each of these scenarios. When you’re angry, how do you react? What is your response when you are vindicated? Are you a good winner? Or, do you jump up and down and yell “Victory! Victory! It’s mine, mine all mine!”?

Alright, enough with the 20 questions already!

We all know that how we respond to these different life issues says something to others about our character. Our parents and teachers have been telling us that our whole lives. As Christians though, we must also realize that, to the world, it says something about Christ as well.

In Acts 1:8 says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Sometimes I think, because we are human, we see this verse and the first thing that pops out is the word “Power” and we get it in our heads that we will receive power. I believe that power is important but I think there is a much more important aspect; “will” in context, you “will” be my witnesses.

Jesus doesn’t say, “if you don’t mind” or “could you please” or “you might be” He says, “you WILL be my witnesses”. To me this means weather we like it or not. If we are Christians, we have asked Jesus to come into our hearts, forgive us of our sins and be the Lord of our lives. Then I believe that we have a  responsibility that we might not take into consideration.

What is a witness?
Among the definitions I found these words;
a: something serving as evidence or proof
b: public affirmation by word or example

When we claim to be a Christian our lives, the way we respond to the circumstances of life is to others, “evidence or proof” of what Christ has done in our lives. It is “public affirmation by word or example” just like the dictionary says. So, whether we like it or not, when we’re having a bad day we must realize that we ARE Christ’s witness, when we are vindicated, the “I told you so” isn’t consistent with the character of Christ and therefore shouldn’t be part of our character either, and the only thing worse than a poor loser is a  poor winner. Being excited over a victory is one thing but the football touchdown dance probably isn’t necessary when we win a game of scrabble. Our lives in both word and deed should reflect the character of Christ because people are watching us, I promise!

We are Christ’s witnesses in ALL circumstances it’s not about the power, it’s about the witness. We shouldn’t be surprised. He told us it would be. We were warned fair and square. And how we act isn’t just observed in our homes but in our jobs, in our community and beyond. The type of witness we are can provoke others to ask questions. It can lead someone to seek out what you have that they don’t. For those who are watching us, our witness could literally change eternity! I’ve seen it happen!

Is it time to give your witness a check-up? Have you seen a witness change a life? Tell me about it!