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I read a post today by a friend who saved around 55% on her grocery bill. Sometimes we “couponers” as we are called, like to brag a little about it. It’s fun saving all that money! It’s responsible too, wouldn’t you say? Our choices as to how we spend our money comes with consequences. Doesn’t it?
But it sort of broke my heart when in one of the comments, someone said, “yeah but I hate being behind people like that in line.”
I sort of look at that comment as if the person said, “I hate being behind responsible people in line.” or “I hate when other people are saving money in line in front of me.”
There are all sorts of reasons that people don’t clip coupons. In fact, I didn’t until recently, but some people just don’t have the time. Some people just don’t have the patience. Some people don’t know how to get it organized for it all to make sense. What ever the reason, no one (that I know) stands behind someone with no coupons and says “you’re an idiot! I could have gotten that for 1/2 as much” we just go on about our day. But, if I could help someone have access to the same information as i do, I’d surely give it to them. There is a technique to it but no one has a secret or a corner on the market. Now I will say, there are those who will use coupons to buy items at a discount and then sell them on FaceBook or CraigsList for a profit. This is illegal and I do not condone it. If you are going to earn a living, earn it legally!

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.
Luke 16:16

That being said….Here’s why I like to coupon;
My husband works construction. With the economy (which i will admit is picking up) as it has been in recent years, he has spent a lot of time on unemployment benefits. As a tax payer, since I’m getting “free” money from the government, wouldn’t it be more responsible of me to use the money wisely? I mean, if I were a food-stamp recipient I believe i would do the same thing! My brother was once a checker for an Arizona grocery chain. A lady came through with coupons (not crazy coupons like today) and then proceeded to pay with food-stamps. (back when you had physical food-stamps not an ATM looking card). My brother processed her order and sent her off with a “have a nice day” and a smile. The person behind her was angry. “It’s not fair that she get free food-stamps AND gets to use coupons with them!” The irate lady exclaimed.
My brother just smiled and said,
“Well, since she’s using my tax dollars to buy her groceries, I’m pretty OK with her spending it responsibly.”
The irate customer had never looked at it that way. She took it down a notch and backed down.
Why is it that when people find a way to save some hard earned money, people get angry? I mean, whether the money is from unemployment, social service benefits or from a paycheck, the money was hard earned by SOMEONE!
When I’m line at the grocery store if I see a young mother cashing in WIC vouchers, I make it a point (when i have plenty of time) to get behind her in line. When she apologizes to me I make it a point to tell her, “I saw you had WIC and I got behind you on purpose. So take your time… I get it!”
See, it makes me feel good when other people are comfortable. So if it means that i spend an extra 3 minutes in line behind someone who is trying to better them selves or save a little on their grocery bill than I’m good with it. If I’m in a hurry, I don’t pick the line with the WIC lady or the lady with the big binder of coupons. It’s a life choice.
So, when you come up behind the couponer, don’t dispare, don’t discourage, pick another line or, better yet, take a look at what she’s doing….maybe you could learn a thing or two. She might be spending YOUR tax dollars responsibly!
Just a thought. What do you think about couponers?